Tuesday, February 5, 2013

36 hours and counting...

Since our newest little Mr. hasn't made his appearance thus far, we're officially starting the eviction process in approximately 36 hours. I really, really thought I'd end up going into labor naturally, as virtually every pre-labor "thing" has happened. Without getting into too much detail, let's just say that I've had/experienced pretty much every "labor" thing besides NORMAL, REGULAR contractions. Yes, I've felt like I've been in labor for almost 2 weeks.....I've had to time contractions at least a half dozen times, including once where I was convinced I was in labor, but wanted to wait the morning out and get Koda to school before we left for the hospital. I'm talking contractions every 5-7 minutes for a couple hours. You guys all know...this is definitely NOT my first carnival ride, I never "thought" I was in labor (before I actually WAS in labor) with the other three, and felt like a complete idiot this time around on multiple occasions. Needless to say, I'll be glad when these contractions are actually working towards something. So....tomorrow night, we'll sit for an hour and a half watching Koda and Brayden at wrestling practice, drop the kiddos off at my parent's placer after, get one last meal in, and then check into the hospital. My OB (who is fabulous, BTW), has already let me know that she'll have standing orders in for some good sleep medication for tomorrow night if I wanted it. I'm not one to take much for medication (besides an epidural-HELLO?! I really, really like having peaceful deliveries!), and almost never take anything-prescription or otherwise-but I started coming down with something starting yesterday afternoon. After last night's restless night, I'm kinda looking forward to being able to sleep at least ONE full night, through the night, before Blake's arrival. So....I may just take her up on those meds!

In other news, as mentioned above, Dakota and Brayden start wrestling tonight. 1.5 hours, three days per week (plus most of every Saturday for tournaments starting in March!), will definitely keep us busy! This will be Dakota's 3rd year, and he's really excited. Brayden had a really tough time last year watching Koda and not being able to get out on the mat and wrestle like his big brother. Technically, he's supposed to be 4, but Coach Matt gave the thumbs up anyways for Brady to wrestle this year, so we'll see how it goes! Honestly, I think Brayden is more scrappy than Koda, so besides having the attention span of a gnat, I think he'll do well. Nevermind the fact that NOBODY in town carries wrestling shoes or headgear small enough for him-we're having to order them off the internet! Regardless, he'll have fun, and it'll be comical watching him learn!

Kylee, on the other hand, is ALL girl, and walks around with multiple baby dolls at all times of the day. Now that we have all the baby stuff out-carseat, swing, etc-her and her "babies" have taken everything over. She's pretty excited to be a big sister, and while she still doesn't talk a lot, she'll mention "baby bake" (ie: Baby Blake) at least a couple time per day, either pointing up at the ultrasound pictures, or lifting my shirt up and patting my belly. It'll be interesting to see her interact with him when he's actually here.

Well, with that, I'll bid adieu......at least until after Blake makes his entrance. And then it'll probably take me forever to upload pictures. Oh well, most of you are on facebook anyways!

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