Tuesday, February 5, 2013

36 hours and counting...

Since our newest little Mr. hasn't made his appearance thus far, we're officially starting the eviction process in approximately 36 hours. I really, really thought I'd end up going into labor naturally, as virtually every pre-labor "thing" has happened. Without getting into too much detail, let's just say that I've had/experienced pretty much every "labor" thing besides NORMAL, REGULAR contractions. Yes, I've felt like I've been in labor for almost 2 weeks.....I've had to time contractions at least a half dozen times, including once where I was convinced I was in labor, but wanted to wait the morning out and get Koda to school before we left for the hospital. I'm talking contractions every 5-7 minutes for a couple hours. You guys all know...this is definitely NOT my first carnival ride, I never "thought" I was in labor (before I actually WAS in labor) with the other three, and felt like a complete idiot this time around on multiple occasions. Needless to say, I'll be glad when these contractions are actually working towards something. So....tomorrow night, we'll sit for an hour and a half watching Koda and Brayden at wrestling practice, drop the kiddos off at my parent's placer after, get one last meal in, and then check into the hospital. My OB (who is fabulous, BTW), has already let me know that she'll have standing orders in for some good sleep medication for tomorrow night if I wanted it. I'm not one to take much for medication (besides an epidural-HELLO?! I really, really like having peaceful deliveries!), and almost never take anything-prescription or otherwise-but I started coming down with something starting yesterday afternoon. After last night's restless night, I'm kinda looking forward to being able to sleep at least ONE full night, through the night, before Blake's arrival. So....I may just take her up on those meds!

In other news, as mentioned above, Dakota and Brayden start wrestling tonight. 1.5 hours, three days per week (plus most of every Saturday for tournaments starting in March!), will definitely keep us busy! This will be Dakota's 3rd year, and he's really excited. Brayden had a really tough time last year watching Koda and not being able to get out on the mat and wrestle like his big brother. Technically, he's supposed to be 4, but Coach Matt gave the thumbs up anyways for Brady to wrestle this year, so we'll see how it goes! Honestly, I think Brayden is more scrappy than Koda, so besides having the attention span of a gnat, I think he'll do well. Nevermind the fact that NOBODY in town carries wrestling shoes or headgear small enough for him-we're having to order them off the internet! Regardless, he'll have fun, and it'll be comical watching him learn!

Kylee, on the other hand, is ALL girl, and walks around with multiple baby dolls at all times of the day. Now that we have all the baby stuff out-carseat, swing, etc-her and her "babies" have taken everything over. She's pretty excited to be a big sister, and while she still doesn't talk a lot, she'll mention "baby bake" (ie: Baby Blake) at least a couple time per day, either pointing up at the ultrasound pictures, or lifting my shirt up and patting my belly. It'll be interesting to see her interact with him when he's actually here.

Well, with that, I'll bid adieu......at least until after Blake makes his entrance. And then it'll probably take me forever to upload pictures. Oh well, most of you are on facebook anyways!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Chena 2.0

Last year, we all went up to Chena Hot Springs and Santa Claus' House BEFORE Christmas. When I say ALL, I'm talking George, the kids and I (of course), plus my parents and Scott, Heather, and the boys (all who flew up), and Lizzie, Alan, and their boys (who live in Fairbanks). It was such a blast. We stayed overnight (Except Lizzie and Alan) at Chena, and really wanted to do it again. Unfortunately, Scott, Heather and the boys aren't here anymore (Hello, Spain and New Jersey!), so my parents were going to try and bring my Gma and Gpa Oberg up with them.

So, we waited until 30 days out and went to book a couple rooms at Chena because that's when you can get the resident rate and save a little dough. That is, until it looked completely booked. So instead of trying to pick every possible date, I called and found out that, as of the end of November, Chena was booked solid until the END OF FEBRUARY! So, no overnight there, which made my parents change their mind about going out. My mom hates the drive out there, and really didn't want to make it twice (once out and once back) in one day, so they were out.

George, the kids, and I still wanted to head up to Fairbanks after Christmas to hang with Lizzie and Alan, so we planned on driving up the day after Christmas. We were able to go over to Kenji and Christina's new digs and have dinner one evening. I'm sure that our wild bunch probably solidified the fact that they seem to be stopping at 2 kids. Seriously, Brayden, Kylee, and Koda were WILD over there. We also got to leave ALL the kids (3 of ours plus Lizzie and Alan's 3) at "home" while we went on a triple date with Nichole and Justin, who we hadn't seen since they left Anchorage 2 years ago! We went to Les Miserables (which was wonderful, BTW), and then stopped for dessert afterward.

The kids got a LOT of playtime in with their cousins, and now Koda and Brady are FIXATED on getting Skylander's for the Wii. We had avoided the "trendy" games until they played it in Fairbanks with Tyler and Luke, and it's all they've been talking about since.

We spent the Saturday we were up there at Chena, getting up there about lunch time, eating burgers at the restaurant, and then hitting the pool. The kids aren't allowed in the outdoor natural rock pool, so we took turns watching kids while each couple got to spend some time out there. The indoor pool, however, is pretty darn warm also...I'm talking almost bathwater! They do have a large outdoor jacuzzi that kids CAN go into, so at one point, everyone in the group was out there! Despite trying to get a good picture of both families, as well as a big group shot, and then just all the kids, every shot had a kid (or two. or three) that looked goofy. Such is an outing with 6 kids! Here's come pics for your enjoyment...at least Koda has his two front teeth in these (last year he looked even goofier, as he was missing BOTH front teeth!)
Lizzie, Alan, Tyler, Luke, and Colt

Us. See what I mean about goofy kids. Seriously, if it isn't Brayden, it's Koda. 

Our group picture attempt. 

Total cheezer. She loved the outdoor hot tub!

All 6 cousins. 

Love this little girl!

And SHE really, really loves her daddy!

Troublemakers, pure and simple.

These two are SO stinkin' cute together. I love that they're only a few months apart in age!

My cutie pie. Yes, there's a TON more pics of her than the other kids. I mean, she cooperates AND she's adorable....why not?!

Alan and Colt

See....these are the boys completely consumed in a Skylander's game. 

Cheezer playing the iPad.

This is about the time where we were TRYING to head out of Kenji and Christinas....they wouldn't leave!

We always like teasing Jailynn and Brady about their love for eachother. For the past couple years, they have given hugs and kisses each time they see each other! It's too darn adorable for words!

Goodbye hugs!

We had a blast for the 4-5 days we were up in Fairbanks! Unfortunately, we probably only have one more year of our annual Fairbanks Christmas trip, as Alan applied for Dental School this fall, and I'll apply for Medical School in the spring. Meaning....neither one of our families will be in AK for quite some time! We have to savor our cousin and friend time while we can!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Some catch-up

Well, it's been about 3 months since my last post...which is pathetic, because plenty has happened since then! I finished up the final pre-med class (THANK GOD), and just by the skin of my teeth. Frankly, I was happy just to pass Organic Chemistry 2 and be done with it. On the other hand, my OChem lab was awesome, ended with an A, and was probably one of my most enjoyed classes throughout all my schooling! I ordered an online Kaplan MCAT course right after Christmas and just started it. I've scheduled the MCAT for April 4th, so the countdown is on! I should know my results by the beginning of May, just in time to start my applications in June! So far, we know that I'll apply to the WWAMI program (1st year here in Anchorage, 2nd in Seattle at UW, and 3rd/4th are rotations), USU in Bethesda, MD (the military's med school), and that's about it. I've looked at all the stats for the OTHER TWO HUNDRED med schools, and have narrowed the list down to about 30 or so, excluding any that have low out-of-state acceptance rates, too high GPA or MCAT averages (seriously, when their LOW is a 3.7 GPA, it's a little intimidating!), anything over about 55K per year, and places that are WAAAAAAY too expensive to live (Hello, New York City....we couldn't afford a postage stamp. And with 4 kids, 700 square feet just doesn't cut it!). But, we still have a lot of contenders, and we're hopeful that a decent MCAT score will keep our options open!

On another note, since we hadn't had any real pictures taken since Kylee turned one, my dad graciously froze his tush and snapped a few great family pictures below in November. It was COOOOOLLLLLD, and it was probably the fastest family photo shoot we've ever done!

Kylee turned TWO on November 21st, and we had a little family celebration. I had won a $50 gift certificate to Cakes in Love, a local cake shop, and decided that I'd just have them make Ky's cake this year. While it was nice not spending an entire day (or 2) making a cake, everyone agreed that: 
1) It was WAY too expensive for what it was (who actually pays $110 for the cake below?! I had a hard enough time forking over $60...never again). 
2) It tasted like CRAP! I'm talking to the point of not really wanting to hardly eat it! Not to toot my own horn or anything, but my cakes are much, much tastier! 

Nevertheless, the cake did look pretty cute. Kylee got plenty of gifts, many of which were things to wear-either dress up stuff, hats, hair accessories, jewelry, or clothing! She couldn't have been happier!

Dakota even learned to play "Happy Birthday" on the guitar for Kylee's birthday! He's such a great big bro!

She really is the cutest little light of the house. She's mostly very sweet, but does have a sassy little attitude, and will let you know when she doesn't like something. 

The beginning of December brought on all the fun Christmas festivities, including the traditional gingerbread decorating afternoon! It really is one of the best Oberg traditions, and I remember always getting to decorate a house every year. It was something that I looked forward to most during the holidays. I think it might just be more fun as an adult and watching the kids have fun plastering on candy! As usual, the youngest (this year Kylee) ended up with more candy in her belly than on a house!

We had a pretty low-key Christmas, especially since my bro, Scott, Heather, and the boys weren't up here with us this year! My parents and Dan came over in the morning and got to watch the kiddos open their presents. It was pretty chill, watching some TV, socializing, and making homemade pizzas for dinner. After dinner, we took the kids sledding at Service High School. They got a new, big sledding tube, as well as small single-rider saucer type sleds from Santa, and just HAD to try them out! 

Kylee got a ridiculously expensive imported baby doll for Christmas, and thankfully, she's in love with her. This child carries her baby with her EVERYWHERE, and loves to wrap her in blankies, pretend to feed her from a sippy, and strap her into her doll's carseat! 

The little goober being a goober. 

Kylee LOVED sledding!

The boys in their new cool hats, ready for some action!

I'm finding that this post is getting pretty darned lengthy and the kids are downstairs screaming about god knows what...so I will try to make an attempt later at documenting our trip to up Fairbanks/Chena Hot Springs later!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

No such luck.

Well, we didn't get the house. The only thing we could find out is that there were quite a few bids for the property, and the winning bid was "a sizable chunk" over asking price, which we knew we weren't interested in doing. This house was only GREAT because it was so underpriced. At a higher price, we'd have a slightly larger payment (not a huge deal) AND wouldn't necessarily make any money on it when we sell it in 2-3 years. The last thing I want is to be stuck with a house we can't sell on the eve of entering medical school! So, back to the drawing board.....aka-staying where we're at and trying to stuff one more little one in this place.

On a happier note, my best friend, Lucy had her baby last night! It was a tough go of it, being in the hospital laboring for close to 48 hours, but little Elora Sophia made her debut at 7:47pm at 7lbs, 9oz! She has a pretty good amount of dark hair also :) However, she'll be in the NICU for a little bit, we're all hoping that it's a short stay and she can go home soon! If I can get my dad or Dan to watch MY little rascals here in a bit, I'm heading over to the hospital to see that little cutie and welcome my bestie into mommyhood!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The past few weeks...

Have been insane! For Koda's birthday, he got a guitar from gma, gpa, and Dan. Since he got back from Kodiak, that's all he'd been talking about wanting. So, we signed him up for beginner group classes at a music place just a mile down the street, and he loves it! He can play a few simple songs already. He also started YMCA basketball a couple weeks ago, and has practice every Monday and games every Saturday afternoon. It's pretty hilarious watching these 8-10 year olds run up and down the court. His first game was last Saturday, and he even scored twice! He was on cloud nine!

Brayden is Koda's right hand man and is glued to his side 24/7. He's sad when Koda leaves for school in the morning, and asks me multiple times when he's going to be back home....every day! He has developed quite the attitude, and picks up on bad language/smart little quips easily...so we really have to watch what we say around this kid! But if he catches anyone else saying something they shouldn't, he's the first to call you out on it!

Kylee has became quite the little diva, and is SO adorable! I was getting frustrated because she really didn't say hardly anything...ever. And she'll turn 2 next month. But the past few weeks or so, her vocabulary has exploded. We know she doesn't have a hearing problem, as she understands virtually everything you say and will follow directions (when it suits her). I think she just got what she wanted without having to talk, so why make the effort?! Her hair has finally grown long enough to "play" with, and she actually enjoys getting her hair done! She doesn't necessarily stay still, but she still enjoys sitting in front of the mirror and playing while I attempt pigtails, or twists, or whatever. She still has quite a bit of curl in her hair, but I can tell as it gets longer, it probably won't last...darnit! She is really excited for her new little brother, and she points to the ultrasound pictures or my tummy all the time and screams "BABY"! I think she may be in for a rude awakening in February.

George is still working DOT construction engineering...aka-babysitting contractors. It's not the most exciting work, but it pays the bills well! While he hasn't had weekends off or anything (still working 7 days a week), he's usually home by 5ish, so it's been nice not feeling like a single parent like summer's past!

I am taking my last class, Organic Chemistry 2, plus the lab, this semester. I hate the class, love the lab. I suppose it's just really hard content to understand. It's discouraging when you're 5 points ahead of the average and still technically failing! I'm hoping to do better on the next couple tests (the grade is simply the average of 4 tests....nothing else, which sucks!), and hoping for a little bit of a curve at the end. At this point, I'd be happy to get a C, which would be the only non-A or B on my transcript! In July, I started working at Providence Hospital in the Emergency Room a couple days a week. I work as a scribe, which is assigned to one physician each shift. I follow my physician around and document all the medical information as they're performing the exams, tests, and procedures. It's pretty interesting, and I'm learning a TON of terminology, procedures, reading Xrays, CT's, and MRI's,etc. Plus, it's always interesting to see what all comes into the ER.....a seweing needle stuck in a woman's leg (I'm talking DEEP in her calf) for the past 2 weeks, insanely disgusting abscesses (I know....but it's just so crazy gross interesting), traumas, and tons and tons of sniffles, sneezes, back aches, etc.

On another note, baby Blake (I think that's going to stick, since I can't convince George to name this one Jaxson is growing well, and I've been feeling pretty darn good. I'm just over 22 weeks, definitely have a baby bump/basketball belly, and haven't really had many of the usual pregnancy ailments since getting over morning sickness around 13 weeks. I'm hoping the rest of this pregnancy goes as well as it's going at this point!

And now for the (maybe) big news....we went to check out a HUD/bank owned house on Tuesday, and made an offer on it Wednesday. The HUD bidding process ended last night at midnight, so we're on pins and needles waiting to see if we're the "winning" bid. It's a pretty simple cookie-cutter house (which anyone who knows me, knows I HATE those), but it has 500 more square feet than we have now, a 2 car garage (instead of a carport), and a large covered back deck (nice for year-round!). It's also in a nice neighborhood (Independence Park), and we'd only be moving literally about a mile down the road! And the best part? The asking price is about $50k less than the market value of the place! We should know whether they accepted our offer sometime today. If so, we'll be in there by the beginning of December!

And on a final note, we're on baby watch, as my best friend, Lucy, went into the hospital to be induced about a day and a half ago. She's been having a tough time, but hopefully today things will progress a bit faster and we'll get to meet this sweet little girl! I can't wait to be able to go in and hold a little baby, welcome my best friend into motherhood, and having mommy-daughter pedicure dates together in the future!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Drum roll, please...

It's officially official....the last addition to the Skinner family is a.......................

Yes, we brought the entouage to the ultrasound appointment...all three kids...and it was crazy! The boys have been wanting a boy, and Ky and I a girl. Just before we went into the room, Koda and Brady changed their minds and *said* they wanted a girl....until it was announced that it was a boy...and then they were ecstatic! I think it totally made George's day! In reality, I was fine with either one, but IF I could have picked....I really love all the girl stuff! But, another rough-and-tumble boy it is!
I packed up all the newborn and 0-3 month girl clothing for Scott and Heather (their boy-girl twins are due in December), and it made me just a *little* bit sad. I kept the outfit Kylee came home from the hospital in, as well as the dress she took newborn pics in.
In all honesty...I can't wait until we can officially get rid of ALL the baby stuff-clothing, gear, equiptment, etc-that literally has claimed half of the crawlspace storage! Knowing that this is the last baby (at least to come out of ME-I'm totally cool for adopting later on!), is a bit liberating, because I can purge a LARGE chunk of storage as this baby grow out of things, and I won't feel like a hoarder anymore! I'm just glad we finally know that this little munchkin is a boy!! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

And now for the pictures

So, most of these are iPhone pictures...so my photographer friends/cousins, don't be judging them! We have majorly slacked on pictures since last Christmas, and have literally taken maybe a dozen since!
Soaked to the bone! But soooo much fun!

My little man!

He has more fun with dad on the slopes than anywhere else!

Johnny Rockets in Phoenix

Death grip on a Johnny Rocket shake!

Kylee LOVED Famous Dave's ribs!!

Splash area

She was a bit aprehensive at first, but eventually soaked herself!

My Bradybug.

Cousins Colt and Kylee in Fairbanks

The fab four reunited! They sure do miss their cousins!!

His 2nd place medal at the Wasilla Tournament...pretty tickled with himself, so we celebrated with daddy at Crazy Moose for lunch!

Ky on Easter.....I loved those boots!

After State, holding the team's championship trophy for Freestyle!

I HAD to let him get one of the cool, overpriced sweatshirts!

George, his dad, and my dad getting the tree that the beaver gnawed down off the roof of the cabin!

George made a little Kylee chair out of that stump!

Brady loves helping out at the cabin!

After a whack to the eyebrow from Koda and a shovel....still happy as can be! This one didn't require stitches...

This one, a week later, DID require glue. It wasn't nearly as exciting...he just fell on the driveway. It was smaller, but it was much, much deeper. He was a trooper at the ER though!

Lucy and Josh's gender reveal cake.

The Three Amigos at Flattop

Best buddies for life!

Arguing over the tricycle at the cabin.

2nd cousins Kenadie and Kylee at the cabin

When you get THAT dirty at the cabin, this is a bath!

Brady's "frankencake" Mater on bottom, McQueen on top.

Saying goodbye's to the boys :(

Brady's 1st dental appointment! He was so good!
Little baby pygmy goats up at my Grandparent's place/cousin Amy's place! They were so darned cute!!

High fashion right there.

Loving his 4 wheeler rides

What we have deemed the Alaskan redneck swimming pool.

Lucy's baby shower cupcake display

Stylin kids.

Sometimes, bedhead happens. Actually, it happens most days.

Mr. Suave. Waiting at the park for Koda to pull up in the float plane from Kodiak!

Looking up for Koda's plane.

So happy to have big brother back home!

What? Jams, jello jigglers, and rain boots are perfectly fine at the cabin!

Wanting to be a big helper.

Boys will be boys. Climbing treees!

Up at Flattop

Hiking with daddy!
"Ohh-ing and Ahh-ing" at the jewelery cases at Sam's Club! She's definitely a girl!